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How to Make More Sales and Grow a Profitable Product-Based Business

Learn the 3 Secrets of Highly Profitable Businesses to Consistently Generate and Grow Your Revenue Year-Round...

And How To Do It Without Spending One Cent On Advertising!

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In this 60-minute workshop, you'll learn....

  • ​The 3 Pillars to focus on to turn your business into a revenue generating machine, so you can have a constant flow of sales and customers without expensive ads.
  • Discover where your customers are, so you can attract ONLY dream customers who are ready to buy... (plus, our top hacks to growing your customer list on other people's platforms!)
  • How to choose which sales platforms to focus on to grow your business and make it easy for you to 4x your revenue.
  • ​4 key systems (that no one is telling you about) that you must focus on in order to save you money and are essential to the foundation of your business
  • ​How to create the best visibility possible to not only be discovered by new customers, but to authentically engage with them so they become raving fans!
  • ​Game-changing techniques to create more opportunities for more sales in more places...to increase your cashflow and revenue so that you can grow and scale the business you dream of owning.

Plus Much, Much More, Including...

  • The simple method our students used that quadrupled their monthly sales... we will share how a student went from making $3,000 a month to $30,000 in sales monthly in under a year by adding just one new sales platform!
  • ​How to stop flying by the seat of your pants and become the boss of your business by creating and building a business that works for you and fits your lifestyle and dreams...(each of us has our own path to profit and we will help you discover yours).

This training was THE BEST! 

I've got my 90 Day Plan ready to go! Shipping, email, and collaboration!

-Jennifer C

I LOVED this training! 

The 3 secrets are so simple yet amazing, especially the way Jacqueline and Minna break each of them down!

-Michelle H. 

A Personal Invitation from Jacqueline and Minna

We've helped 20,000+ product-based businesses grow without asking them to spend a single cent on ads!

Two successful product-based businesses sold globally, 20,000 students, and $30 million dollars in revenue generated by our students later, we've discovered the exact strategies that an incredibly successful product-based business owner uses versus a business that never makes a profit and struggle to make sales.

This action filled, workshop is a culmination of EVERYTHING we have learned in starting, launching, and growing successful product businesses.

If you are committed to making this the year you finally build a profitable, revenue generating business that provides you the life and business you dream of, then we can't wait to slash the learning curve and get you there faster!

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