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Get More Eyes on Your Business Bootcamp 
is a game-changing 3-day series of LIVE sessions
that everyone is talking about . 

We want to help you get in front of the right customers to have them buying from you for the busiest time of year. 

We’ll spend 3-days in a private Facebook community, where we’ll deliver our epic day-by-day training and accountability to help you reach your massive 2023 goals! We're here for it. Join us for free!

For most of our product-based business owners, we find three "traps" that typically keep you from reaching your full potential in the busiest time of year:

  • You're wasting time in the wrong places. If you're trying to follow the social media train, you're likely overwhelmed with the service-based advice that doesn't work for product sales. We get it! This is why we tackle specific product-based stumbling blocks to help you get your product out there for more customers to see.
  • ​You haven't created a visibility plan to wrap up this year. Hard truth: you should be busy in the busiest time of year, right? Our goal is busier, but easier. Get clarity and direction with a good plan, so that you can feel motivated and ready-to-go in the busiest time of year, in a way that's right for you.  
  • ​You're trying to sell to everyone, instead of focusing on ready-to-buy customers. Are you confused with who and where to get buying customers? We're going to show you how to get more eyes on your business and get more sales at the same time, so that you can confidently feel like you're growing your business into your dream life.

Let's make more money in the busiest time of year!

We’re here to help you step-by-step to get everything you need in place so you can crush your goals and sell more than you ever have before. 

At The Product Boss, we believe...
The best thing we can teach you is getting more sales with less stress, without burning yourself out, and by helping you focus on the things that truly move the needle in your business. We're product experts.
Scaling your product-based business is possible with the right support and tools, even if you’re making everything with your own two hands. We've seen it happen time and time again and will show.
Focusing on your best sellers is the core of our mission to helping your biz grow, be profitable and help you stand out in a crowded market. It's the easiest, proven path.
Organic growth strategies for generating consistent revenue year-round, (without spending a single cent on ads) is our favorite type of growth and success stories we love to share.

Get Out Your Calendar!
Here’s what’s waiting for you August 15th- 17th:

Tuesday, August 15th

1pm ET

Day #1

Identify & Overcome Your Roadblocks

​​​​​​​We're going to teach you how to identify common roadblocks for product based business owners and how to overcome them to get more eyes on your business. 

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Wednesday, August 16th

1pm ET

Day #2

Find Your Ideal Customers

Now that you have more eyes on your business, we're going to teach you how to find where your right customers are so that you feel good selling to them and they want to buy. 

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Thursday, August 17th

1pm ET

Day #3

More Eyes= More Sales

​​​​​​​Learn our proven formula to make getting more eyes on your business AND selling at the same time easier to skyrocket your sales during your busiest season. 

Then join us for the Best Sellers Secrets 5-day Challenge
Here’s what’s waiting for you April 24-28:

In this LIVE, FREE 5-Day Challenge, we will walk you through the process of narrowing your focus and expanding your profit margins.

  • Each day of the challenge we will be teaching you LIVE for an hour long training plus Q&A. 
  • You’ll receive a workbook to support you throughout the challenge to help you take action! 

Here's what you will learn:

Monday, April 24th

Challenge Day 1

Discover your untapped opportunities

It’s time to get cozy with your numbers! Identify your best sellers, best months, and bestselling platforms and discover how to use this data to generate more revenue and become a profitable business. (The numbers don’t lie!)
Tuesday, April 25th

Challenge Day 2

Create your best offers to take advantage of your best sellers

We’ll show you how to take your bestselling products and create your best offers to attract customers that actually buy from you.  You will learn the secrets to sell more without having to put your products on sale or make "all the things for all the people" hoping they will buy something from you. 
Wednesday, April 26th

Challenge Day 3

Create a plan to boost sales, increase profit, and grow your business

The biggest day of the challenge! You will learn how to make more sales and grow a profitable product-based business with your best seller. You will discover the three behind-the-scenes secrets to building a profitable business that generates consistent revenue year round.
Thursday, April 27th

Challenge Day 4

Grow your business with more ease

Tired of struggling to generate consistent sales year-round? Wish it felt easier to scale your business without burning out or running out of cash? You will learn how to grow your business with ease, make more sales, and increase profitability.
Friday, April 28th

Challenge Day 5

Amplify your best sellers and get the word out

This is where you will learn exactly where and how to promote your best sellers without spending a single cent on ads. Discover  top strategies to build your own hype and promote your best sellers. On Day 5 we will build a plan together and take action to start selling!
… We'll spend 3 days in our exclusive Facebook community where we will deliver our epic "Get More Eyes on Your Business" trainings, while you are in community with fellow product-based businesses who are there to support you every step of the way!
This is a LIVE and free bootcamp made for product business owners. Don't miss it!
 TIP: Our LIVE sessions are where the magic happens and where you'll get your "More Eyes worksheets" daily. But, if you miss a session - you'll have access to all the replays through August 20th, 2023.


We’re Jacqueline + Minna.

We’re product experts, and we have the exact steps for you to take to transform your business!

You may know us from our Apple Top 100 Business Podcast, The Product Boss Podcast with over 4 million downloads.

Not only have our own bootstrapped product businesses generated millions over the years, but we’ve helped over 50,000 product bosses around the world grow their businesses into profitable, money-making machines, so they can finally have one that fits into their life and lifestyle! 

Inc. Magazine dubbed us the "country's most sought after product-based business experts". And we’re so glad you’re here. Our students have collectively made over $50 million in revenue worldwide using our methods, and we can confidently say that if you commit over the next 3 days - we promise that you will leave with clarity and a plan.

Trust us when we say we’ve seen and heard it all. We’ve been around long enough to know that running a product business can be a lot. (Like… make-it-a-double-espresso type of a lot!)

Which is exactly why we created this bootcamp. We know from experience that when product bosses have the right steps to take and strategies, they can easily scale their business and make more sales than ever before.

We truly believe you can completely transform your business, your mindset and CRUSH all of the goals you’ve set.

And we’re here to help you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

This free bootcamp is perfect for you if you…

  • Feel like you don’t know how to get in front of the right people (let’s be honest, it can feel hard by. yourself!)
  • Don’t know how to scale your customer base, especially when you’re doing everything in your business.
  • ​Want to learn how to stand out in a crowded market. 
  • Are ready to have your best and most profitable year yet, and are ready to do it with ease. 

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